Kat Publishes First Post as ScIU Writer

This past spring, I started writing for ScIU, a graduate student-run blog that discusses current events and cutting-edge science taking place at Indiana University​. My first post, which discusses my labmate Kristyn’s recent findings on the sex-specific effects of gut dysbiosis on the gut microbiome and behavior, was recently published on the blog! Click here to read the post and find out more about Kristyn’s fascinating research.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for two of my upcoming posts that will be published within the next few weeks! One of the posts is a special for Father’s Day and discusses the trade-off between fatherhood and aggression in animals, and the other post describes my wonderful experiences with the Foundations in Science and Mathematics (FSM) program. These posts can be viewed on my writer profile on the ScIU website.

Image credit: http://whitedragontails.com. 


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